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The City of El Campo Police Department is a progressive agency that serves a community of approximately 12,000 citizens. The Department has 31 full-time officers and 12 civilian employees. It supports and maintains the operation of a Uniformed Patrol Division, Detective Division, Communications Division, Animal Control, School Resource, Special Services, and Administrative Division. The Department offers a competitive salary and benefit package to employees. It recognizes their value to the success of the organization. A brief summary of the qualifications and employee benefits are listed below. These qualifications and benefits are subject to modification as determined by the Department and/or the City Council.

Applicants must be a U.S. citizen (20) years of age or older with a high school diploma or equivalent. They must have a valid Texas driver license with a good record, no history of family violence, no history of alcohol or substance abuse, no criminal convictions above a class C misdemeanor and/or multiple class C misdemeanor convictions, and not less than an honorable discharge from any branch of the military. They must demonstrate basic computer, word processing, data entry, and clerical skills. They must demonstrate effective oral and written communications skills. They must undergo and pass an extensive pre-employment background investigation, a physical examination, and drug screen test. A psychological examination may be required for first-time law enforcement telecommunication operators.

Starting pay depends on the employee’s experience, educational background, and overall qualifications. The current starting salary level is $37,740.00. With overtime and holiday pay, $41,300.00 is possible the first year. A salary increase of 3% will take effect after passing a 6-month probationary period.

The City provides for (11) paid holidays per year as designated in the Personnel Policy Manual. The dates may be added or deleted each year by action of the City Council. Operators are paid for all holiday time. If scheduled to work a holiday, they are paid at a rate of double time and a half their regular salary (or 18 extra hours of pay). If not scheduled to work a holiday, they receive an additional (8) hours of regular pay.

The Department offers TCLEOSE certification pay. The amount depends on an operator’s certification level and currently ranges from $100.00 - $300.00 per month.

All employees receive longevity pay. It is calculated based on the number of months an employee has worked for the City. The current rate of longevity pay is $5.00 per month for each month of continuous service with a maximum longevity period of (25) years (or 300 months).

Operators are paid for all overtime such court, extra duty, administrative hearings, special event, etc., however in-service training hours may be converted to compensatory time at the discretion of the scheduling supervisor.

Probationary Operators must participate in and successfully complete a (10) week (or 420 hour) field-training program. The length of this program may be amended for prior experience. Probationary Operators must pass a basic (40) hour telecommunications certification course within the first (12) months of employment. The Department provides all funding for the cost of mandatory, required in-service or Department sponsored training to include tuition, study materials, lodging, meals, and transportation. Employees enrolled in undergraduate, graduate level studies and/or job-related, vocational training may qualify for tuition re-imbursement.

Operators work a permanent 12 hour shift with (1) thirty-six hour week and (1) forty-eight hour week. The operator’s assignment is based on seniority and/or promotional rank and allows them to earn (8) hours of paid overtime every other week.

Operators are furnished with casual dress uniforms and/or associated allowances after completing an initial training and probationary period (normally six months).

A fitness room is available for employees to use.

Employees earn (2.5) weeks of vacation per year during the first (9) years of employment accruing at the rate of 8.66 hours per month. Employees with 10 – 14 years of service earn (3.5) weeks accruing at the rate of 12.00 hours per month. Employees with 15 or more years of service earn (4.5) weeks accruing at the rate of 15.33 hours per month.

Employees with limited or no remaining leave time may be eligible to receive an additional (4) weeks (or 160 hours) of paid leave for serious illness or injury occurring to themselves or an immediate family member. Employees who are entitled to such leave are restricted to (3) single events during their employment with the City.

Employees accrue sick leave at a rate of 8.00 hours per month to a maximum of 960 hours. Sick leave may be used for a personal illness or for an immediate member of an employee’s family. Employees who separate service in good standing may be eligible for $5.00 an hour for every unused hour of accrued sick leave, not to exceed 960 hours (or $4,800.00).

The City participates in the Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS). The employee makes a required contribution of 6% of their earnings. The City makes a matching contribution of 9%. The City’s match is made only if the employee stays in the retirement system until they are eligible to retire. If an employee leaves the City prior to reaching retirement, the employee is entitled to their accumulated deposits plus interest. The City also offers other financial investment and planning options to its employees such as the 457 Deferred Compensation Plan that allows you to save and invest for your retirement. Participation is handled through payroll deductions so your taxes are reduced each pay period.

The City provides paid medical coverage for all full-time employees. Dependant coverage for spouse and children is available at discount group rates.  A prescription drug and eyewear plan is included in the medical coverage.  Dental insurance is available for employees and their dependants at group discount rate. The City also provides a $15,000 life insurance policy for its employees.  In addition, employees have a 25,000.00 death benefit through TMRS or the equivalent of their last (12) months salary. Coverage for medical and life insurance is available 30 days after employment. The City also offers supplemental health and life insurance options to its employees. Aflac, Allstate, and other carriers are used to provide employees with supplemental insurance such as dental, universal life, cancer, long/short term disability, as well as other beneficial policies. Participation is handled through payroll deductions. Some premiums and/or benefits may be pre-taxed or taxable. The City’s current insurance carrier is United Health Care.

The City is a participating member of a local credit union. Employees and their families are eligible to become a member of the credit union and take advantage of available services provided.

The Police Department accepts applications on a continuous basis. For more information about employment opportunities please contact our Special Services or Administrative Division at (979) 543-5311, make written inquiries to the City of El Campo Police Department, 1011 West Loop, El Campo, TX 77473, or visit the City’s web-site at and search Job Opportunities – Public Safety Application on the home page.

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