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Swim Lessons

Private Lessons: Dates Available: year round
Price: $70
4 lessons 30 minutes per lesson
Lessons will be scheduled for four consecutive days: Tuesday – Friday
Child works one-on-one with an instructor

Semi-Private Lessons:Price: $60 per student
4 lessons 30 minutes per lesson
Lessons will be scheduled for four consecutive days: Tuesday – Friday
2-3 swimmers with one instructor
You must find another person to do it with, we do not group you

Group Lessons:Dates Available
Price: $50 per student
8 lessons 30 minutes per lesson
Lessons will be scheduled for four consecutive days Tuesday – Friday for two weeks
4-8 swimmers with one instructor
We will group your child with other swimmers in the same skill level as your child


Student Name:

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 Refund policy:

  • Cancellation from a class must be done at least 48 hours in advance to receive a full refund
  • If classes are cancelled due to weather or mechanical difficulties makes-up will be on the following Monday
  • If a child misses a lesson it can not be made up with out the approval of the Aquatic Center Manager or Lead Guard. Make-ups are for serious illnesses or emergencies.

Photo Permission: Photos are periodically taken of participants and spectators in class, during a special event, in an athletic program, and at the Aquatic Center. I hereby understand and agree that these photos are for the sole use of the City of El Campo, and may be used in any City of El Campo publications, or on an official City of El Campo Web site. I further understand and agree that all photos are the property of the City of El Campo and will not be distributed to private entities.
The City of El Campo Aquatic Center will not assume responsibility for any injury occurred while participating in any athletic events, parent/child events, special events, sports programs, rental times, or any related City of El Campo Aquatic Center sponsored activities. Nor will the City of El Campo Aquatic Center be responsible for any lost or stolen times while members, renters and participants and/or program participants are using City of El Campo Aquatic Center facilities on City of El Campo Aquatic Center premises. I, the undersigned for myself and for my heirs, so hereby release the City of El Campo, the El Campo Aquatic Center, and employees and agents from any and all claim s for injury, loss, or damage I may suffer as a result of my participation, including any injury caused by negligence, if any, of the City of El Campo Aquatic enter, its officers, employees, agents, volunteers, or the negligence of anyone else. I understand it is my responsibility to provide for my (and other members of my family if applicable) accident and health coverage while participating in all City of El Campo Aquatic Center Activities. Further, in case of accident, injury or sudden illness, I authorize any first aid or emergency medical care which may become necessary for my child, or myself while in any activity or program administered by the City. Also, I authorize that my child or I may be transported to a local medical facility. If I cannot be reach in an emergency, I hereby grant permission for my child named above to receive all appropriate medical treatment necessary. By executing this document, I hereby assume, on behalf of my child, all risk of injury or loss to which he or she may be exposed.This Agreement/waiver is valid during my membership period or during the program(s) in which my child or I are participating.

 I have carefully read this agreement/waiver and submit that I fully understand and agree to its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between the above department and myself. I hereby further swear and affirm that I have signed this waiver of my own free will.