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Civic Center Rental Contract

Rental Agreement for the City of El Campo Civic Center
2350 North Mechanic Street (Physical);
315 E. Jackson (Mailing)
El Campo, Texas 77437
(979) 541-5007

Wi-Fi provided by YK Communications @ the Civic Center

Event Date :

Event Hours:

Open Rooms At :

Type Of Event :

Person Responsible For Arrangement :

Email Address :

Phone Number(home) :

Phone Number (work/mobile) :

Renter's address:

Driver's License Number:

Alcoholic Beverages :     Yes    No

If serving or permitting alcohol, security is required. Notify the Police Department at 979-543-5311 for security.

Number of persons expected : 

Are you anticipating any guests attending this event to require an overnight stay in El Campo?
Yes    No

Will guests be staying in a local hotel/motel?
Yes   No

Type of Rental: *  

Rental Fee
* :  

Tables *  Rectangle    Round

Call Raul Flores for table layout details 979-578-1328

Other rentals (audio, piano, tv) :

Total cost (rental, deposit, other) :