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Animal Control

Animal Control is responsible for enforcing State and City codes pertaining to animals. Animal Control investigates animal bites, animal cruelty complaints, and other animal-related issues. To learn more about animal control, please contact our office.

Animal Control 
101 N. Wharton
El Campo, TX 77437
979-543-3100 fax
8:00 - 5:00 Monday through Friday 

David Baros, Animal Control Officer 
Steve Rooker, Animal Control Officer         
Captain Arnold Terrazas                                         Captain A. Terrazas, ECPD



  • Pet registration is a requirement in the City of El Campo. 
  • The City has a leash law.
  • Annual rabies vaccination is required by law.

Useful Links

El Campo Animal Shelter Website- The El Campo Animal Shelter takes in animals from within the city limits. Learn about the animals up for adoption.

El Campo Animal Shelter Facebook page- Join the conversation. Learn and share details about animals up for adoption.

The Humane Society of the United States- Learn great pet care tips and find over 40 tip sheets on addressing cat and dog behavior problems, great tip sheets on how to solve problems with a variety of urban wildlife from squirrels to raccoons, hit the wildlife tab to find out about Urban Wildlife - how to create habitats in your yard, what to do if you find an injured or orphaned animal and how to resolve wildlife conflicts.

Texas Department of State Health Services-Learn more about state laws that govern animals and the transmission of zoonotic diseases or diseases that are transmissible from animals to humans.

Texas Parks and Wildlife -Check out their wildlife fact sheets on wildlife you might encounter and their information on nuisance wildlife which makes its way into our neighborhoods