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Mosquito Control

There are several viruses that mosquitoes are capable of transmitting, such as the Zika and West Nile viruses. To combat the population we’ll be diligently looking for large standing pools of water in open ditches and storm sewer systems and spread larvicide in order to attack large concentrated populations of mosquito larvae.  We’ll continue to spray the city at dusk and nightfall all week to attack the adult mosquitos.  We’ll pay close attention to the location of complaints to search for stagnant water that hasn’t yet been treated with larvicide.  It’ll be important for residents to look for standing water in their backyards; for example buckets, flower pots, tires that might hold water and empty them.  It takes very little standing water to enable extremely large populations of mosquitos to hatch and thrive.  We’ll continually monitor the number of complaints and population counts to assess if additional measures need to be taken and stay in touch with the Texas Department of State Health Services for any updates they may have.

There are also steps you can take to protect yourself. Some suggestions: 

  • limit outdoor time when mosquitoes are most active
  • wear insect repellent
  • cover up
  • remove standing water
  • keep mosquitoes outside