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El Campo Police Department

ECPD Gold Badge

 History of the Department 
The ECPD was created in 1946, replacing the City Marshal concept of policing.  In 1940 the City’s population was just under 4,000.  Through the years the City and ECPD have grown and developed under the guidance of 7 Chiefs of Police:
                        Chief Walter Broadus                                   1946-1979
                        Chief Otto “Jim” Hoffman                            1979-1981
                        Chief James “Jimmy” Elliott                        1981-2009
                        Chief Terry Marek                                          2009-2010
                        Chief Terry Stanphill                                     2010-2020
                        Chief Gary Williamson                                 2020-2023
                        Chief David Marcaurele                              2023-Present 

 Currently the El Campo Police Department 

  • Provides primary police service to the 12,350 citizens within the City of El Campo.
  • Provides dispatch service to the police department, fire department, and EMS. The combined citizens served with these services are about 22,350 (includes about 10,000 persons in unincorporated areas of West Wharton County).
  • Responds to more than 20,000 calls for service annually.
  • Has budgeted staff of 49 full-time employees.

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