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El Campo Police Department


About the Department

The El Campo Police Department serves a population of 12,350. El Campo is the largest city in Wharton County. In addition to providing police services for the residents of El Campo, the police communications division dispatches fire and ambulance service to approximately 10,000 rural residents in West Wharton County.

Each year the police department responds to more than 20,773 calls for service. These responses result in over 1,171 criminal arrests, 854 traffic citations, 3,434 warning citations, and 1,623 crime reports. In 2022 the El Campo Police Department conducted two internal investigations.  

The El Campo Police Department is an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency through the Texas Police Chiefs Association's Accreditation Program.  The Law Enforcement Accreditation Program is a voluntary process where police agencies in Texas prove their compliance with 173 Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices. These Best Practices were carefully developed by Texas Law Enforcement professionals to assist agencies in the efficient and effective delivery of service, the reduction of risk and the protection of individual’s rights.

El Campo PD first achieved accredited status in 2014.  The El Campo Police Department was re-accredited in 2018 and 2022.  ECPD became the 92nd agency in the State to obtain accreditation for the third time.   There are just over 2,800 law enforcement agencies in the State of Texas.

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